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TextMaker Viewer 2010

TextMaker Viewer 2010: TextMaker Viewer: displays and prints all common word processing formats word processor from SoftMaker that is available for Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile and other platforms. Supported file formats: .docx, .docm Microsoft Word 2007 .dotx, .dotm Microsoft Word 2007 templates .doc Microsoft Word 6.0 up to Word 2007, .dot Microsoft Word templates 6.0 up to 2007, .tmd TextMaker 6.0 up to 2010, .odt OpenDocument Text, .sxw Text, .rtf Rich Text Format, .psw Pocket Word (Pocket PC), .pwd Pocket Word (Handheld

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AlphaCuts 1.00

AlphaCuts swiftly displays, in alphabetical listings, your programs on the startmenu, favorites in Internet Explorer and documents in the My documents folder. It lists the relevant directories and categories and the items they contain, to help you quickly find what you are looking for. It is also possible to search for full or partial words.

lookup, favorites, search, documents, shortcuts, alphabetical

Web Favorites 1.5: Web Favorites gives you easy access to your favorite web sites...
Web Favorites 1.5

Forward button`s allow quick switching between categories with visual feedback making for speedy location of your favorites. Web Favorites can import favorites from your browser which can then be copied, moved,deleted and renamed. Favorites can be added manually or retrieved from your web browser using a system wide hot key. User accounts are supported, with separate favorite lists maintained for each user. Web Favorites makes for an easier computing

favorites, internet, bookmark, quick launch favorites

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Tidy Favorites 3.5

Are you tired of searching for sites in a long Favorites list? If so, this program is for you. It allows you to arrange all the sites in the Favorites. Your Favorites looks neat, and you can easily and quickly find any site you want. For example, you can create a special "News" category, and when opening the Favorites you will see a "News" section (instead of a list of the news) in which you will find the site you need.

categorize, favorites

P3dO Explorer 2.4.6: Photos  & 3D viewer w thumb cache. Explorer, Exif, thumb print, mass renamer.
P3dO Explorer 2.4.6

Photos & 3D viewer with Explorer look and feel. All popular image files formats, Exif data, thumbs with cache, thumbnails print, zoom, search tool, slideshow. Basic image modification (rotation) and conversion. Thumbnails for Zip-Rar, mass renaming-renumbering, customizable UI. Navigate quickly to your image banks with P3dO`s favorites, manage huge sets of images with multi-directory exploration. Also includes a 3D viewer, Poser Library manager.

photos, 3d viewer, image viewer, file manager, poser

Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d: Create word search puzzles. Enter words shape, layout & generate puzzle.
Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d

for their students, employees, friends and family. Features: Spell check in 8 different languages, 50,000 word thesaurus for help in generating clues, Create puzzles in different shapes using included shapes or Design your own, Organize puzzles by category, Manually fit in additional words, Optionally include clues, Scramble the word list, Use clues instead of words, Hidden puzzle phrase, Print Answer Key, Design your own page layout, Select fonts

creator, spell, assembler, generator, express, maker, vocabulary, theme, puzzles, word games, education, shapes, word game

AnnWebLinks 2.0: Allows you to describe, search, sort and categorize web links.
AnnWebLinks 2.0

favorites or bookmarks. However, it can also store annotated filenames. It is useful for job hunting. It can display category statistics, show added and last-modified dates, word wrap descriptions and put titles into title case. It supports typo-insensitive comparisons, undo/redo/preview, sorting on multiple columns and multiple data files. It requires Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 with I.E. 3.0 or higher. After 30 days-of-use, the fee for continuing

link, favorites, annotated, bookmarks, browser

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